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Carbon Leaf

“You know the seasons oughta be Love Loss Hope Repeat”

I first discovered the band Carbon Leaf in 2007. They’d been around for years, but that winter, my husband started playing their latest album, Love Loss Hope Repeat, in our car on road trips and I was quickly hooked. Plus, I loved that they were from Virginia.

I felt like I was completely late to the party, but I’ve made up for lost time and converted as many of my friends into fans as possible.

So with that in mind, I figured the first post on my blog named after the album that made me a fan should be my Carbon Leaf playlist – all of my favorites – the songs someone who hasn’t discovered them yet should download. Now.

Here’s the thing about Carbon Leaf. You can’t just listen to one song and “get it.” I say download them all and let them play. All of them.

The Classics (My favorites from the years before I found them)

  • The Boxer
    (They won an American Music Award for this guy.)
  • Mary Mac
    (Very much a demonstration of their music’s Celtic roots. I listened to this on repeat the afternoon I found out I was going to Ireland for a work trip.)
  • Torn to Tattered
  • On Any Given Day
  • Life Less Ordinary
  • Let Your Troubles Roll By
  • What About Everything?
    (The first time I saw them in concert was at Wolftrap and I was so mad because there is a part in the song that the audience yells and I didn’t know the words: “What about that midnight phone call?” Now I know.)
  • One Prairie Outpost

Other Favorites

  • Indecision
    (A love song to Virginia for being home.)
  • Lake of Silver Bells
    (Probably gets the most plays in our house. This, Indecision, or One Prairie Outpost)
  • International Airport
    (I often listen to this when I’m traveling for work. I love the line, “And I’m fine / ‘Cause I know / Any plane I ride / Can fly me home”)
  • Under the Wire
  • Comfort
  • Pink
    (The most amazing, subtle song they wrote when a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. They did this once a cappella at the 9:30 Club and I will never forget it.)
  • Learn to Fly
  • Love Loss Hope Repeat

All of my favorites are from 4 of their albums: Echo Echo, Indian Summer, Love Loss Hope Repeat, and Nothing Rhymes with Woman.


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