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Puppy Zoe“We picked her up out of the back of a gold Mercedes in the Pentagon parking lot on a Friday night”

When I was little, I used to drag a pink stuffed dog around by a string. I’d take it outside for walks, apparently. My aunt recently told me she would tell my mom every time she visited to “get that girl a damn dog!”

We were a military family, so I understand why it wasn’t easy to have a dog. We moved every two years and it was hard enough packing up 4 people and a house worth of stuff, nevermind a puppy. Plus, when my dad was at sea, my mom had a lot on her plate without an additional creature to take care of.

We finally got a dog in the 6th grade, knowing that we were stationed in Virginia for three years. Millie was a rescued stray and had some loveable issues, but she only really liked my mom.

I couldn’t wait to have a dog of my own when I had a proper house and family.

Brian and I bought our townhouse in January of 2008 and got married in October. By November 16, Zoe had arrived.

We found her from DC Dog Finders. Her name was Tiffany on their website and she looked like she had spunk. A Yorkie-Poo, Zoe’s mom was a toy poodle and her dad was a miniature yorkshire terrier. All that means is that she is super soft, doesn’t shed (one of Brian’s requirements), extremely smart (read: vindictive. Brian likes to say she’s plotting her escape), has a true personality (a terrier trait that I love), and an avid Facebook user.

I had to do a lot of convincing to get Brian on board with the dog thing. He’d never had a family pet growing up, except for a crawfish he took from the creek behind his house that escaped and died in the corner of their family room after two weeks. With that as his only point of reference, I had to really prep him for Zoe.

Puppy Zoe with KariWe picked her up out of the back of a gold Mercedes in the Pentagon parking lot on a Friday night. We paid cash when they called “Tiffany” and left. The family that sold her to us was fantastic; they provided extensive information about how to prepare our house, what food and supplies to buy, what needs to happen in the first few hours and days, etc. We took their instructions very seriously for about a week, and then we had to rely on our own instincts and figure out what the hell we’d really just gotten ourselves into. I imagine bringing home our first baby will be very similar.

I’m sure there will be a ton of posts about Zoe as this blog progresses. She’s a character. I have so many stories and pictures to share because I am a true believer that dogs are part of the family. She’s a King. And reigns over us both, that’s for sure.


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