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Baby Shoe Shower

Shoe TreeThis little girl will need a closet full of shoes – All different types for her to choose.”    

This weekend and into next week, Brian and I will be awaiting news of our first nephew’s arrival. We’ve had so much fun with our niece, who was born in December of 2010, so we’re looking forward to being Aunt and Uncle to another little nugget. Each of our brothers will be dads, now!

My mom and I threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, Erica, in November 2010 and wanted it to be low-key, comfortable and cute. We didn’t plan games, opting for more time to chat, open gifts, eat, and let the girls get on with their days.

Erica has the most amazing fashion sense and taste in clothes, so to celebrate that part of her, we wanted to do something fun and extra special. Along with the invitation to the shower, I sent small cards that read:
“But not so fast – there’s one more thing
An unwrapped present for you to bring!
This little girl will need a closet full of shoes –
All different types for her to choose.
Any size for any age, we’ll begin her big collection –
Displayed at the shower, we’ll show off her great selection!”

We decorated a small Christmas tree and as guests arrived, they hung their pair of shoes and filled it in! It was a great focal point for the living room and became the natural gathering place for presents.

The time of year was useful, since we were able to buy small white pumpkins as table decoration. We hung pink shoes from the chandelier to complete the table, and served pimento cheese sandwiches, fruit, pumpkin bread with cream cheese, and chicken salad sandwiches, followed by cake from Alexandria Pastry Shop. Pink lemonade, hot tea, and cider were offered along with champagne cocktails.


Shoe Tree Poem

Table Close Up

Shower Table


  1. The shower was perfect and the shoe tree was very special to me! Blake is very lucky to have you as her Aunt Kiki.

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