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Music in the Morning

Brian's Guitar“She prefers the couch for guitar, and my lap for piano.”

Mornings in our house usually begin one of two ways: loud or quiet. There is no middle ground.

Loud means Brian is singing a ridiculous made-up song in the shower, Zoe is growling at me to get out of bed, and music is being streamed on all three levels of the house. The quiet version is easing into the day. Brian may pick up his guitar and play without singing, or I may have a cup of coffee and play the piano for a bit.

Either way, music seems to always be involved. It’s a huge part of our current lifestyle and history, together and individually. Only a handful of people know that I even play the piano (not as well as I’d like, but better than expected after a 10-year hiatus), and that I like to sing. The difference is that Brian likes to do these things in front of people, and I definitely don’t.

I am constantly amazed by Brian’s talent. He’ll hear a song, decide he wants to learn to play it, and 10 minutes later, he’s figured it out completely. Chords, lyrics, everything. Done. 10 minutes. He did it last Tuesday night. We were sitting in the basement, both on our laptops listening to music streaming through our Apple TV. One Prairie Outpost came on, and I saw the wheels turning…he put his laptop aside, grabbed his guitar, and figured out the chords. He replayed the song on the TV twice, and by the third time, he was playing the entire thing through with the band. I just smiled and stared at him. Incredible.

I, on the other hand, take a few weeks to completely learn a piece. Everything I know how to play is from a movie or TV show’s score. Soundtracks are some of my favorite things to listen to, and usually what I have in my headphones at work. The last piece I learned was Rue’s Farewell from The Hunger Games score.

Kari's pianoWe’ve found that the guitar and the piano immediately relax Zoe. It’s incredible how trained she is, without us intending it, to curl up and sleep as soon as she hears either instrument. She prefers the couch for guitar, and my lap for piano. Brian got the better deal in that. Can you spot the puppy?


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