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Signs of Spring

Zoe Outside“All I can smell is pollen, but it’s beautiful.”

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been busy meeting our new nephew (Max, born on 3-13-13!), taking a trip to Florida and planning a trip to Germany. We’ve enjoyed a lot of dinners with friends and family lately, and that has been especially nice.

In Florida, we stayed with Brian’s aunt and uncle and had a ball with them. We spent St. Patrick’s Day on the beach, went to a Nationals spring training game in Viera, and relaxed. Brian got to wake board, fish, and do work near the water, which is heaven for him. The guys cooked so much food we could barely finish it off by the time our 5 days were up. I read three books and didn’t move much from a poolside lounge chair. It was perfect.

We switched our house over to Spring decorations, which always makes me happiest. My mom decorates my parents’ house with the seasons and holidays, and Brian and I have embraced that tradition.

Last week, we did the one thing that ushers in warm weather: We went to Opening Week at Nationals Park. It was 50 degrees. However, this week, it’s 90 degrees, so my theory works. My parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece all came to the game with us and Blake even got a foul ball off Wilson Ramos! It bounced into the row in front of us and the guy sitting there turned to give it to her. She was very upset that Uncle Brian wasn’t there when it happened (hot dogs had to be purchased), but when he returned, she threw the ball at him. It rolled down a couple of aisles but we got it back. Erica is going to write on it to commemorate her first MLB game. Girl’s got an arm.

Springtime is here! All I can smell is pollen, but it’s beautiful.


Spring Has Sprung

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