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Signs of Spring

“All I can smell is pollen, but it’s beautiful.” In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been busy meeting our new nephew (Max, born on 3-13-13!), taking a trip to Florida and planning a trip to Germany. We’ve enjoyed a lot of dinners with friends and family lately, and that has been especially nice. In Florida, we stayed with Brian’s aunt and uncle and had a ball with them. We spent St. Patrick’s Day on the beach, went to a {Read More}

Music in the Morning

“She prefers the couch for guitar, and my lap for piano.” Mornings in our house usually begin one of two ways: loud or quiet. There is no middle ground. Loud means Brian is singing a ridiculous made-up song in the shower, Zoe is growling at me to get out of bed, and music is being streamed on all three levels of the house. The quiet version is easing into the day. Brian may pick up his guitar and play without {Read More}


“We picked her up out of the back of a gold Mercedes in the Pentagon parking lot on a Friday night” When I was little, I used to drag a pink stuffed dog around by a string. I’d take it outside for walks, apparently. My aunt recently told me she would tell my mom every time she visited to “get that girl a damn dog!” We were a military family, so I understand why it wasn’t easy to have a {Read More}